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The Time for the Break will be Announced Once All Teams have Sold.






This Buy-it-Now Series consists of a 30 Boxes (18-19 Chronology, 19-20 Ice, SP Authentic, SP Game Used, Trilogy, Artifacts etc). The boxes will be opened one Buy-it-Now Box Break at a time over the course of several weeks until all boxes have been opened. Throughout the course of these Box Breaks, hits will earn team owners BIN Series points that will accumulate and be used to determine a draft order for a bounty of prizes at the end of the case series!

Once all Personal Hobby Boxes have been drafted, I will open everyone's boxes and post all of the hits in one Tradecentre thread on the forum. At that point, everyone will have a trade window where they can offer, accept, and counteroffer trades for cards before they are shipped out!


Serial # higher than 100 - 1 point
Serial #/11-100 - 2 points
Serial #/2-10 - 3 points
Serial #1/1 - 5 points
Rookie Card - 1 additional point
Regular Jersey Piece - 1 additional point each
Prime Jersey Piece - 2 additional points each
Patch - 3 additional points each
Large Jersey/Prime/Patch - 1 additional point
Sticker Autograph - 2 additional points
On-Card Autograph - 3 additional points
Autograph Inscription - 2 additional points
Puck/Net Cord/Gloves/Skate/Stick - 4 additional points
Redemption Card - 5 additional points

3+ TEAM BONUS: Everyone who owns 3+ teams in a single Buy-it-Now Break will earn 5 points
JANITOR BONUS: 5 Additional Points go to the person who mops up the very last team to sell it out!


12 Prizes Total - If there are fewer than 12 eligible participants,
we'll start back at the top of the draft list

IMPORTANT: Participants must have a minimum of 100 points to be eligible for a prize (participate in apprx. 20 of the 30 breaks)
This way more prizes go to those who participate the most.

* Personal Hobby Boxes of the following products:
Ultimate Memorabilia 14th Edition
2018-19 Upper Deck Chronology
2018-19 Upper Deck Ultimate
2019-20 Upper Deck SP Authentic
2019-20 Upper Deck Ice
2019-20 Upper Deck Trilogy
2019-20 Upper Deck SP Game Used
2019-20 Upper Deck Artifacts
2019-20 Upper Deck Allure
The 2020-21 Hockey Pool is Coming Up,
And the Prize Pool will be bigger than ever.

Give your team a head start with some of these Hockey Pool Prizes[/size]
What is the Hockey Pool Bonus?
Check out the 2019-20 Pool HERE

A $50 Bidding Credit towards any Hockey Pool Box Break

An NHL Wild Card to select your star player

A Team Wild Card 2-Pack (teams will be chosen at random)