BUBS 19-20 Upper Deck SPX Case Break (20 boxes)


This break is a mini for your chance to win a team in the case break

Once all 20 spots are sold the list will be randomized with a 2 dice roll of 3 or more.

1. the team in first postion after the random will win the Flyers $120 value

2. the team in second postion after the random will win the Blackhawks $110 value

3. the team in third postion after the random will win the Blue Jackets $60 Value

4. the team in fourth postion after the random will win the Capitals $55 Value



Each Box Contains:




Bonus Information:


# 1 -  Miss out on a multi team card, you receive two shots in the post game


A few break details:


Once all the teams for the break are sold and paid for I record from start (showing who bought what teams & box/case serial numbers)

to the finish (the opening of all boxes and packs).

I will then email the link to you so you can see what cards you won.

After the break I securley pack up all cards and send them to the owners of each team. 


If there are 2 teams on one card I will use a dice to determine which team wins the card.

EX. a card has Oilers & Jets on it. I will assign #"s 1,2,3 to the Oilers and #'s 4,5,6 to the Jets. The winner is determined in a best of three rolls.


No base cards will be shipped out unless they have a serial number. 


Traded players will be awarded to the team logo on the card.


Defunct/ Moved Teams :

Atlanta Flames to Calgary

Colorado Rockies/ KC Scouts to New Jersey

Nordiques To Colorado

Pre 96 Jets to Arizona

Hartford Whalers To Carolina

Thrashers to New Jets

Minnesota North Stars to Dallas


Thank you in advance for your participation in my box/case breaks