HatTrick BIN #583: 18-19 Hit Parade Autographed NHL Jersey Break - Random Team with The Hitcoin Miner Bonus!



The product for this box break will be a 18-19 Hit Parade Series 3 autographed jersey break which contains 1 autographed NHL jersey per box.

The serial number of the box that will be opened is 59. 



The break will be a 30 slot random team break with all NHL teams and Minnesota and Las Vegas will be combined as one team. Randomization will occur on random.org and teams will be assigned by randomizing the slots 3 times and pasting next to an alphabetical order team list.



Shpping is free within North America, and $20 worldwide. 



The Hitcoin Miner Bonus - For every team you purchase in this break, you will receive 1 HatTrick hitcoin. Hitcoins can be redeemed for cards, break slots, bidding credits, and boxes. Please see the Hitcoin Store on the forum for a list of items available to purchase and to see your hitcoin account balance.

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