I Pride Myself on being a VERY LEGIT Breaker. You will see the box serial number, your username and the teams you won on video so you know the box is being opened for you!

As long as the auction is paid for in full, I will be broadcasting live within minutes of closing or selling out (Usually). Check out our blog channel where you can chat with everyone and watch me scramble to prepare for the break. The blog channel is below:


You are bidding on the team listed in the title - All Hits will be shipped.


Remember 5 teams may be on my Ebay (to get new customers!)


(NE 241263240)


Boomsauce, After my Expenses, Commission and a small amount is allotted towards Cricket Prizes and Packs (which is a good thing) the rest of the profits will be turned back into prizes for you guys! Depending on how the break does the prizes will be Cool cards that I hunt down to give away, the cards can range from high end players to sick patches of some guy. Also as I aquire Boomsauce worthy cards they will be added to the cricket prize page, keep watching that page and maybe get a sweet card you want.


1. All Cards will be given to random teams decided by Wheel Spin.


NOTE: Regarding the 3 listings labeled "3 Darts for Mega Cricket with 3 instant Prize Chances" the winner of these listings will get 3 darts for their cricket page standings and any prizes that may show up, if the bids end up higher than $4.99 per listing the extra money will be put toward the prize pool for Extra Boxes.



Please pay for your teams as soon as possible, the faster I get all payments the sooner we can open the box and bask in the glory!
All cards will ship well protected in a bubble mailer. Shipping is FREE for the planet. I only take Paypal, If you use an ECHECK you won't get the video link until it clears. If you have a prior history of using echecks on my breaks and you are in good standing I will not delay in sending links.
Any unsold teams will be either be relisted or I will take them at my discretion. I will not bid on my own breaks, this is your one chance to get Toronto at a decent price!

New to box breaks? Check out my video on what to expect! And welcome to the Addiction that is Box Breaking! Send me a message if you have questions.
View all my breaks at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SubterfugeHockey

Multiple Player cards will be decided by a Dice Roll when pulled. Players go to the team logo printed on the card regardless of any different jersey a player might be pictured with. If a card is from a country team like Team Canada it will go to the players current team, if the player is retired it will go to the team with most games played (regular season and playoffs) non-sports cards (with no team mention or logos present) will be randomed between all teams.

Defunct and Moved teams
Atlanta flames go to Calgary
Colorado Rockies go to New Jersey
Golden Seals/Minnesota North Stars go to Dallas Stars
Quebec Nordiques go to Colorado
Winnipeg jets (pre 1996) go to Phoenix
Hartford Whalers go to Carolina
Atlanta Thrashers go to Winnipeg Jets

Hard Autos and coolness