Box Serial # NE 29444569

Product Information: 
8 packs per box - 4 cards per pack
- 3 Auto or Mem or All New Aurum Cards
- 4 Serial Numbered Cards



Teeks643 Stock Exchange Bonus


Collect stocks in NHL Teams in every Teeks643 Box Break to earn great prizes including a Wayne Gretzky Autographed Jersey, Hobby Boxes, Spots in a Case Break, and much, much more! 





This Box Break is going to be a LIVE Broadcast on
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Time for the Break Will be: This Monday at appx 10:00 PM CST




Buy 3+ teams in any Teeks643 Auction or BIN Break to earn
1 Extra Stock for the team of your choice in the Teeks643 Stock Exchange


Any Member to win 5+ teams will earn a Free Team in a Bonus Hobby Box!


The team to win the race to the first hit will receive a custom 643BoxBreaks Collector Card
featuring 643 Member and NHL Signatures, Custom Memorabilia Cards, and much more! 
Click the button below to check out the 643 Collector Card Checklist!



The first 643 Member to compile two hits with the same team in one Auction Break lights the lamp!
As a reward, the team owner will receive two extra stocks in the Teeks643 Stock Exchange.


In the event that a card is pulled featuring more than one team, we will roll the 30-sided dice to determine the winner of the card.
It always sucks to lose out on a card this way, so to help ease the pain anyone who loses out on a
multi-team card will be awarded two extra stocks in the Teeks643 Stock Exchange.



When we pull a Winnipeg Jets *HIT* card from the main box we open free bonus packs compliments of the Winnipeg Jets Bobbleheads!
The bigger the hit, the more packs we open!

Win a FREE Autographed 8x10 Photo if your team is featured on the LAST card in the LAST pack of the Break! 
Check the Autographed 8x10 Photo Store HERE to see the photos that you can choose from.


 The team with the highest winning bid that does not receive a hit in the main box will receive
a FREE Team in a Premium Hobby Box (Panini Dominion, Upper Deck Black, etc).

At the end of the Break, three NHL Teams will be pulled for the Teeks643 3-Star Bonus.
Owners of the three teams will each earn an additional stock for that team in the Teeks643 Stock Exchange. 

At the end of the break we will give away a great bonus prize from the Bonus Wheel!
CLICK HERE to View the Prizes Available to be won!

At, it is our #1 goal to get your cards shipped out to you as safely as possible. All hits will be shipped in a bubble envelope and properly secured in quality shipping materials (a soft sleeve, followed by a top loader, and finally a team bag). All of our shipping is provided to you free of charge! Taking this into consideration, we look to be as economical as we can in dealing with shipping while also getting your hits to you promptly. My shipping is packaged up once per week (normally on the Tuesday following Sunday & Monday Box Breaks) and shipped out every 3-4 weeks. In the rare event of a package containing just a low level insert, I may hold the parcel until your next hit and ship out at that time. Free shipping is provided without tracking or insurance. Sellers are not responsible for parcels lost or damaged by the Postal Service. Tracking/Insurance is always available for any parcel at the buyer's expense.