I Pride Myself on being a VERY LEGIT Breaker. You will see the box serial number, your username and the teams you won on video so you know the box is being opened for you!

As long as the auction is paid for in full, I will be broadcasting live within minutes of closing or selling out (Usually). Check out our blog channel where you can chat with everyone and watch me scramble to prepare for the break. The blog channel is below:


You are bidding on the team listed in the title - Base cards will be shipped.


Remember half of the teams will always be on my Ebay (to get new customers!)


(NE 190563374)

How does it work?

1. Every Person with 2 or more teams (dart listings do not count) gets a single turn with 3 dart shots.

2. I Draw spacers from a bag (or use video darts), the bag contains spacers with every possible dart shot available. (every possible shot is represented 4 times in the bag)

3. The Highest score takes the first place prize (If tied a roll will decide first place, the loser will get the next place prize if available)

4. If the prize pool exceeds a certain value there will be second and third places added, or even more.

5. The prize pool is determined by how much the break brings in, minus my expenses and small commision. The idea is to limit my profit and give back to the awesome 643 community! Prizes will consist of Hobby Boxes, Packs, Spots and Cards. Hobby boxes or packs will be opened for the winners after the break and all hits will ship.

6. If you get 180 Points in one turn you will get a single full clear of one row of your Mega Cricket standings and instant prize(s) of your choice.

7. The darts used in this bonus also count toward your Personal MEGA CRICKET standings, check the bonus below.

8. The Lowest score will also get a Prize, see the "You Throw like a Nancy" bonus below. (Prize will Most likely be a nice card!)

NOTE: Regarding the listing for the "Guaranteed chance at the Cash Darts bonus" - The winner of this listing wins an extra 3 darts for the Cash Darts bonus and will be the very last person to take their turn, these 3 darts are considered a standalone turn. The 3 darts from this listing also count towards the Mega Cricket bonus.

Still Confused? this video will help you understand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcQex7gYdLo

You need 2 teams to be eligible for the extra prizes, your darts from the Cash Darts bonus above are what count towards Mega Cricket. Your darts build up until you decide to spend them on prizes. Go to http://643boxbreak.com/cricket.html For full instructions and the Prize List! Ready to cash out? Send me an email or message on the forum and let me know exactly which numbers you are cashing out and which prize you would like.

You may only have 3 columns of darts active, after 3 columns any new darts for a number with 3 already closed will not count, no prize will cost more than 3 full clears. Your Darts expire if you are inactive for 6 months. Darts cannot be traded or sold to others.

Still Confused? this video will help make it clear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcQex7gYdLo


The Lowest score in the Cash Darts Bonus above will win a prize, they will also be known as the "Nancy" for the week! Check the Mega Cricket page for Past Winners!

Please pay for your teams as soon as possible, the faster I get all payments the sooner we can open the box and bask in the glory!
All cards will ship well protected in a bubble mailer. Shipping is FREE for the planet. I only take Paypal, If you use an ECHECK you won't get the video link until it clears. If you have a prior history of using echecks on my breaks and you are in good standing I will not delay in sending links.
Any unsold teams will be either be relisted or I will take them at my discretion. I will not bid on my own breaks, this is your one chance to get Toronto at a decent price!

New to box breaks? Check out my video on what to expect! And welcome to the Addiction that is Box Breaking! Send me a message if you have questions.
View all my breaks at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SubterfugeHockey

Multiple Player cards will be decided by a Dice Roll when pulled. Players go to the team logo printed on the card regardless of any different jersey a player might be pictured with. If a card is from a country team like Team Canada it will go to the players current team, if the player is retired it will go to the team with most games played (regular season and playoffs) non-sports cards (with no team mention or logos present) will be randomed between all teams.

Defunct and Moved teams
Atlanta flames go to Calgary
Colorado Rockies go to New Jersey
Minnesota North Stars go to Dallas Stars
Quebec Nordiques go to Colorado
Winnipeg jets (pre 1996) go to Phoenix
Hartford Whalers go to Carolina
Atlanta Thrashers go to Winnipeg Jets

1 Pack, 7 Cards and a whole lot of cool hit potential!