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Montreal Canadiens

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Seller: Bluenoze87
Seller location: Canada
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Item description

Bluenoze87 Auction Break: 2015-16 Contours + 7 Bonuses!



The product for this box break will be a box of 2015-16 Contours

The serial number of the box that will be opened is BB017929481


1 - Spell and Win  Throughout the course of my breaks buyers can accumulate letters, these letters can then be assigned/cashed in to spell players names. You must spell the entire name in order to receive the card that is associated. Each player name is associated to a card in the list. You can accumulate letters in the following manner:

  1. -Buy 3+ teams in an auction = 2 letter pulls
  2. -Hit a card that shows a captain "C" or "A" on the players jersey - Mem and Auto cards only = 1 letter pull
  3. -Purchase one of the 3 guaranteed letter pull spots = 3 letter pulls

2 - First to 5  This bonus is currently on hold (not included in this break)

3 - Rookie Double Up Bonus – If an autographed or mem RC is pulled then I will randomly select an additional RC from the box of RC’s and the person owning the team of the autographed RC will get both cards. There are some hidden gems in the RC box!

4 - Top 5 Refund  After all auctions have ended I will take the top 5 teams that were purchased for the highest price and award one of them a refund for their team.  Using the 30 sided die I will assign Team 1 to 1-6 on the die, Team 2 to 7-12 on the die and Team 3 to 13-18 on the die, Team 4 to 19-24 on the die, Team 5 to 25-30 on the die.  Whoever the die decides will get a full refund for their team.

5 - Bounty Hunter Team - At the beginning of every break we will determine a bounty team.  If during the break we hit a mem or auto from that bounty team it will trigger the bounty team pack.  These packs are a collection of cards from that team which will go to the owner of the bounty team.  More cards from your favourite teams!

6 - Kick in the Pants Bonus – It’s like a kick in the pants when you get shutout so I want to ease some of the pain. Whoever spends the most money in a break and doesn’t get a hit will receive a free spot in a free box break. I will pull a team from the team bucket to determine the team the winner will get.  If I pull a team that is already assigned I will keep pulling until we get a team that is not assigned.

7 - Spacer Bonus  After all is said and done we'll use the Spacer Bonus to give away extra prizes.  Depending on how high the bids go will determine how many prizes we reveal.  Minimum will be 1 prize per auction break.  Prizes will include but are not limited to the following:

-Bonus cards

-Spots in breaks

-RC pulls

-Mystery Packs

-Letter pulls


Rules of the break:



  • You will see the sealed box and the serial # as listed in this auction prior to the break and it will remain in plain sight, the packs will be removed and counted and then remain in plain sight until all are opened.
  • Each buyer will see their name on the team list prior to the break
  • All HITS from the box will be shipped to the auction winner for the associated team. Hits are defined as everything but base cards, if you receive a hit and would like your base cards just send me an email.
  • Players go to the team logo printed on the card regardless of any different jersey a player might be pictured with.
  • Rookies that are not yet in the NHL will go to the owner of the NHL team that currently owns the player. If the player has not been drafted or signed in the NHL, the card will be randomed between everyone.
  • Retro cards will go to the team that the franchise has moved to, for example, Atlanta goes to Winnipeg.
  • International cards will go to the team the player has played the most games for. All Star cards with no logo on the card will go to the team the player was playing with at the time of the All Star game stated on the card. If there is no indication as to the specific All Star game then the card will go to the team the player has played the most games for in their career. For ITG, if there is no mention of the team on the card and it is unclear which jersey the player is wearing in the photo, the card will be given to the team that the player has played the most games for in their career.
  • Multi-player cards will be randomized between the teams listed on the card using a 30-sided die, for a 2 player card 1-15 is one player, 16-30 is the other, for a 3 player card 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 will be assigned to each player.  For cards with more than 3 players we will use with 2 place-holders for each team, randomized 3 times with the team on the top receiving the card.
  • The box will be opened after ALL PAYMENTS are received so please pay ASAP.  If you pay with eCheck and cards you would receive will not be shipped until the payment clears.  
  • Bonuses may change without notice.
  • All cards will ship well protected in a penny sleeve, top loader and bubble mailer.  If you hit a valuable card and wish to have insured shipping with a tracking # let me know right away via email. Additional charges for a tracked package are $10 for Canada, $15 for USA.
  • I will try and break live on Breakers TV on the channel (, the video will also be uploaded to YouTube and a link sent out for your viewing pleasure if you are unable to attend the live break.  You can watch past breaks on the Bluenoze87 YouTube channel here: Bluenoze87 YouTube Channel.