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Montréal Canadiens 

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Item type: Buy Now Only
Seller: HatTrick
Seller location: Canada
This Buy-it-Now Box Will Be Broken Once All Teams Have Sold
Buy Now: 11.99 CAD
This Listing is No Longer Available

Item description

HatTrick BIN #612: 18-19 Trilogy with The Hitcoin Miner Bonus!



The product for this box break will be a box of 18-19 Trilogy which contains 8 packs per box, 5 card per pack.

The serial number of the box that will be opened is BB062495396.



The Hitcoin Miner Bonus - For every team you purchase in this break, you will receive 1 HatTrick hitcoin. Hitcoins can be redeemed for cards, break slots, bidding credits, and boxes. Please see the Hitcoin Store on the forum for a list of items available to purchase and to see your hitcoin account balance.

hitcoin miner

Rules of the break:


  • You will see the sealed box and the serial # as listed in this auction prior to the break and it will remain in plain sight, the packs will be removed and counted and then remain in plain sight until all are opened.
  • Each buyer will see their name on the team list prior to the break
  • All HITS from the box will be shipped to the auction winner for the associated team. Hits are defined as everything but base cards, if you receive a hit and would like your base cards just send me an email.
  • Players go to the team logo printed on the card regardless of any different jersey a player might be pictured with.
  • Rookies that are not yet in the NHL will go to the owner of the NHL team that currently owns the player. If the player has not been drafted or signed in the NHL, the card will be randomed between everyone.
  • Retro cards will go to the team that the franchise has moved to, for example, Atlanta goes to Winnipeg.
  • International cards will go to the team the player has played the most games for. All Star cards with no logo on the card will go to the team the player was playing with at the time of the All Star game stated on the card. If there is no indication as to the specific All Star game then the card will go to the team the player has played the most games for in their career. For ITG, if there is no mention of the team on the card and it is unclear which jersey the player is wearing in the photo, the card will be given to the team that the player has played the most games for in their career.
  • Multi-player cards will be randomized between the teams listed on the card using a 30-sided die, for a 2 player card 1-15 is one player, 16-30 is the other, for a 3 player card 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 will be assigned to each player.  For cards with more than 3 players we will use with 2 place-holders for each team, randomized 3 times with the team on the top receiving the card.
  • The box will be opened after ALL PAYMENTS are received so please pay ASAP.  If you pay with eCheck and cards you would receive will not be shipped until the payment clears.  
  • Bonuses may change without notice.
  • All cards will ship well protected in a penny sleeve, top loader and bubble mailer.  If you hit a valuable card and wish to have insured shipping with a tracking # let me know right away via email. Additional charges for a tracked package are $10 for Canada, $15 for USA.
  • I will try and break live on Breakers TV on the channel (, the video will also be uploaded to YouTube and a link sent out for your viewing pleasure if you are unable to attend the live break.  You can watch past breaks on the HatTrick YouTube channel here: HatTrick YouTube Channel.